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Tally for Small Business

How Tally Software can benefit Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

A great start, but messy accounts? SMEs are all about working hard and making history. They are great, except handling the accounting process is a mess, but our software can change the point of view.
Tally Prime is a lifesaver for all SMEs. Tally Prime has proven to be one of the most used and trusted programs among others. Software that never lets you down! Software for all!
Tally Prime is used to simplify accounting and the handling of GST across the country. With the implementation of the GST Act in India, numerous small and medium-sized enterprises have selected ERP software like Tally to manage their operations. It appears to be one of the most popular options for SMEs in Accounting Software. The Tally Prime is GST-ready.

GST management is made simpler and easier with Tally Prime. It offers complete help for GST Payments, GST returns, and a lot more.

Now we know what tally does. Let us learn about how beneficial it is to SMEs:

Error Recognition and Alteration:

Tally Prime corrects and prevents any sort of error from occurring in the filing of GST Returns. It will identify transactions with missing or inaccurate information as you review your data for GST Returns & also help you make the necessary corrections to those transactions. When you submit your tax returns to the GSTIN portal, this will save you a significant amount of time. This will lower the rate of GST rejections.

Making billing seamless:

The SME ERP software from Tally offers a variety of invoices, including GST invoices, to meet the various demands of SMEs. Users of Tally ERP can print GST invoices that comply with the GST codes and rates mentioned.

Flexible and adaptable:

As a small or medium-sized enterprise, you may require the freedom to conduct a transaction before entering a purchase or goods receipt into your accounting software. You have the freedom to handle a variety of these situations in Tally ERP 9. You can use it to have a hassle-free accounting process.

Sharing of data:

You can quickly and easily exchange a backup of your Tally data with your GST practitioner. Your GSTP may safely access Tally’s data with ease by using Tally’s Remote Access.


On-the-go software:

Tally will give you the necessary information over an SMS while you are on the go. You can travel and still have all the data with you. You can also access your data remotely, which is protected and secured by us.


Data synchronization between places and companies:

Tally-to-Tally sync allows you to access the data from various locations in one spot. You can also administer centralized accounting with this capability. Additionally, if you run an expanding SME and want to grow your company, you would want to view a combined report at one site and have two locations for your business. You can combine reports from your other businesses and manage them centrally, too.

Total banking assistance:

For the benefit of SMEs, Tally’s GST software is set up to accommodate over 100 banks for computerized bank reconciliation. You may manage your electronic banking as well as additional bank transactions in Tally with the help of the program. The software also allows you to print your checks.

Control reverse-charge transactions:

All purchases made by a registered business from an unregistered entity or when importing products from foreign nations fall under the category of reverse-charge. Tally’s GST Software covers many more business situations for reverse charges.

GST Forms and Reports: You can now fill out all the forms for GST using the Tally Prime software. Making reports for the business has become an easier job with Tally. The preparation of P/L Accounts, balance sheets, cash flow statements, etc. is done by Tally without any errors. Tally can handle all sorts of GST rates that are set up by the government.

Handle Advance Receipt: According to the GST Act, you are now required to pay tax on advance transactions and show them in a separate table on GSTR-1. With Tally’s support for GST, you can now manage advance receipts with ease and calculate the right amount of tax quickly.

Time and time again, Tally has proven to be a very important tool. Tally Prime is software that helps enterprises manage their accounts easily and not worry about errors and fraud. It is an all-in-one software that can be trusted. It is very beneficial to all the SMEs as they are beginning a new chapter, and Tally acts as a support system for their dreams.