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Discover the Excellence of Essae’s Ultrasonic Lactoscan Milk Analyzer Machine in Nashik. As the exclusive distributor of the cutting-edge MILK ANALYSER technology in Nashik, we proudly present Essae’s Ultrasonic Lactoscan Milk Analyzer Machine. Crafted with industrial precision in Germany and meticulously manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in India, this advanced machine revolutionizes milk analysis.

Milk Analyser Machine MA 815

Precision Perfected:

Effortlessly monitor crucial milk components such as fat, SNF, water content, and density with unmatched accuracy.
Our Milk Analyzer in Nashik guarantees precise results in record time, every time.

A Step Ahead:

Setting a new industry benchmark, the MA-815 Milk Analyzer powered by ultrasonic technology stands as a testament to innovation.
Its vibrant green LCD screen and user-friendly interface make operation a breeze. Available in two variations – robust SS 304 and durable molded ABS housing – it caters to diverse preferences.

Unparalleled Features:

The Ultrasonic Lactoscan is designed for excellence. Boasting a modular and integrated construction, it optimizes space while ensuring superior performance.
With both manual and auto cleaning options, user convenience is paramount. Our instrument offers selectable data formats, seamless interfacing with dairy software, calibration records for service, and time stamps for thorough record maintenance.

Elevate Your Dairy Business:

Upgrade your milk analysis process with Essae's Ultrasonic Lactoscan Milk Analyzer Machine.
Join us in Nashik and experience the future of milk analysis technology.

Technical Specifications

Model MA-815 MA-815SS
Ultrasonic Sensor
Measuring Time
38 sec @30°C Milk Temperature
Milk Acidity
<25° T ( degree Thorn)
Milk Temperature
0 ~ 40°C
Milk Sample Volume
25 ml
2 x 20 Character LCD Display with Green Backlight
4 Keys
Power                           AC Voltage
160 V ~ 270 V /50 Hz
                                         DC Voltage
12 V ~ 14.2 V DC / 3.5 A
40 W
                                         DC Cable
DIN connector with cable length of 1.8 meter
Environment           Ambient Air Temperature
10 ~ 40°C
                                        Relative Humidity
30 ~ 80%
1 x RS-232 Serial with Cable
Manual & Auto
Physical Dimension
138 (W) x 265 (D) x 276 (H) mm
138 (W) x 251 (D) x 275 (H) mm
2.9 kg
3.65 kg