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About Us

About us

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As a leading IT company in Nashik, we possess 25 years of extensive experience in Tally, including support, implementation, customization, and training. 

Quality only Survives Our Customers are Our Best Salesman Satisfy a customer

We firmly believe that in the long term only the organization with better quality of Service and Products will survive. Hence we always strive to make our services and products of better quality.

"Our Customers have always been our Best Salesman", so much so that till now we do not need full-fledged Marketing Department. We feel that it has been only possible because we have always felt that a satisfied customer will always give more business...

It is said that what differentiates people is who is willing to go that extra mile. We at Right System & Software & Software are willing to go more than the extra mile to accommodate the customer.

Right System's Founders | About us
Best Awarded Company
We adapt our delivery to the way your work, whether as an external provider.

Each of these milestones showcases the evolution and success of Right system & Software founded by Mr. Shirish Pawar and Mr. Santosh Toshniwal. From its humble beginnings to becoming an authorized partner, achieving substantial revenue, and gaining developer status, their journey is one of continuous progress and innovation.

Team Member

Passionate Personalities, Versatile Brains

Ashish Sudra

Founder & CEO
Lead the team of passionate developers, designers and the strategists with a lot of thought and analysis come true!
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Rachna Sheth

Business Head
Rachna joined IT Solutions in 2003 and worked in a variety of technical support roles before becoming VP of Network.
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Tapak Meni

President, Principal
As VP of Sales and Marketing since 1999, Jim oversees all new business acquisition at IT Solutions.
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Ergi Laura

Sales & Marketing
Garrett serves as the lead VCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer) to our clients and guides IT Solutions' technology strategy.
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You have better things to do than worry about IT for your business.

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