Who are we?

Right system & software is a company with 25 years of experience & more than 4000 customers. We provide a great product service for MagentaBi which integrates with the accounting software.
MagentaBi is a Business Intelligence platform, especially for Distributors & Traders in SMEs, which identifies Gaps & Opportunities in Sales, Purchases, Inventory, and Payments [SPIP] by integrating with ERPs like Tally, Busy, SAP B1. etc.
How is MagentaBi helpful?
MagentaBi offers faster reporting, good decision making, Quicker gap recognition, Accurate forecasts, Higher control, and Actionable Insights that will help your business grow to great heights.
How is it different from your accounting software?
  • It has the ability to identify the gaps between sales, purchase, inventory & payments(SPIP)
  • It takes actionable insights on key responsibility areas
  • It helps in tracking & visibility of key performance indicators

Features of magenta software:

  1. Applicable everywhere: Applicable across all your devices i.e desktop, tablets & other mobile devices. 
  2. Visualize in Realtime: Visualize data & insights in intuitive and interactive dashboards.
  3. Apply Analytics: Handle large scale data and optimized for speed & volume handling Business intelligence platform
  4. Connect to Any Data: Data connectors pull data in real-time from a variety of databases & make it easier to connect.

Snap View

1. Top 5 View of all key variables
2. Performance in each variable is linked to another variable at a click.
3. Past performance, current situation, and projection in a summarized way.
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Map View

1. Performance in a territory up to the Pincode level.
2. Unbilled & Inactive customers list of any product or a group.
3. Comparison of 2 time periods of any territory or 2 territories at a click.
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Item view

1. Material Movement Analysis of your inventory.
2. Items which are not selling in the last few days but are high in stock.
3. Brand/Category aging stock with their last sales details.
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Other Views

Sales View
Total Visibility on sales performance Outstanding payments Target Achievement of any customer or group.

Payment View
Helping you keep track of all customer and vendor interactions for payments Ongoing payment trends and ratings