What is Biz analytics?

To put it in simple words it is a Mobile app for your android/iOS which helps to monitor tallyPrime on the mobile.
Biz analytics makes your tally software much quicker & easier as it provides you the application on your mobile. It is much handy to use & can be done within seconds. Right System & Software provides you with the best deals on the mobile application of tally software.
we provide you with all the required services to make your task & life much easier.


  • It is 2022 & the world is rapidly changing. Right System & Software helps you to be aware of all the new technologies & also have access to them.
  • You can now create sales orders, purchase orders, payments & receipts that sync automatically with Tally.
  • The software provided by Right System & Software is totally offline software. There is no need to have an active internet connection.
  • Your data is completely encrypted during the sync process and can only be accessed on your devices.
  • You can now share instantly via Whatsapp, Email, SMS, and much more.
  • Helps you to analyze your business & helps it grow further.

Why choose us?

  • Mobile accessibility of the software- You can now get the accessibility anywhere, anytime.
  • It is also not mandatory to have a system– Everything can be done on the mobile app such as creating Sales Invoices, Sales Orders and Receipts, payments & much more.
  • Track data easily– It helps in quicker tracking of the data. There is no dependency on accountants & which saves us time.
  • Great compatibility- It is totally compatible with tally & the data can be shared instantly to anyone, anywhere.
  • Multiple reminders at one click– Helps to send reminders via WhatsApp, email, etc. It helps to avoid poor cash flow because of delays in payments.
  • Connect with customers- Follow up with inactive customers who have not ordered for a while & also analyze your sales by location, stock item, month, etc.
  • Increase productivity of sales team– Create sales orders, receipts while visiting customers & check In/out reports of customer visits. Also, provide Give/remove limited access to the sales team.

Services by Right System & Software

  • Right System & Software provides you with all the necessary services required for the software provided.
  • After-sales services to our customers
  • Respond quickly to all customer feedback
  • Right System & Software address all the complaints & gets back to customers